Route Tynda (station 91000) - Verkhnezeysk (station 913206)
The nature of the freight: DX50KS Drilling Rig

About the project in numbers

Mast length
Mast width
Mast height
Base length
Base width
Base height
Project for oversized freight transportation for Metallurgshakhtspetsstroy CJSC. Successfully completed work included rail transportation, development and coordination of loading and blocking schemes, according to the technical conditions and instructions for the transportation of oversized and heavy freight on the railway, registration of shipping documents with the ETRAN system.
A specially designed blocking scheme was coordinated with the central office of Russian Railways JSC in Moscow. Such transportation is carried out only upon acceptance by a specially organized commission.
The drilling rig consisted of two oversized parts - the mast and the base.

It took two rail lowboys as well as a buffet car to transport the freight.

Transport dimensions:
- Mast length 14.22m
- Mast width 1.98 m
- Mast height 2.29 m
- Mast weight 10.9 tons
- Base length 9.45 m
- Base width 3.81 m
- Base height 3.99 m
- Base weight 32.7 tons