About the project in numbers

m The longest item
m The widest item
m The highest item
DelCar LLC carried out transportation of bulk material sorting plant (disassembled) for UK RAZREZ MAIRYHSKII OOO.
809 freight items were submitted for transportation, including:
12 oversized items
79 items of the major freight within the clearance limits
718 container items (16* 40' HC)
Due to high congestion in the ports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka, it was decided to reload the ship in the port of Olga under the supervision of our chief field freight forwarder.
The vessel chartered by DelCar came to the port of Olga in the second decade of February, and by the end of the third decade the entire freight was on its way to Arshanovo, Republic of Khakassia.
8 flat cars for containers, 12 vehicles with tent trailer, 10 trailers for oversized freight were used to transport the oversized freight.