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Trade and Logistic Company

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“DelCar Co., Ltd” was established in 2007.
We are trusted by non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage factories, mining and metallurgical companies, strip-mines, machinery and power equipment plants. It’s a great symbol of trust for us. Our company cooperates with the clients and partners of different scale and status.
In our services and calculations we rely on experience and knowledge, that we have been learning for many years of practice.
Positive feedback and recommendation about our work – this is the one of main goals for the “DelCar Co., Ltd” personnel activity.
We will be happy to answer your questions!
Please, feel free to learn about our services and its feedback at this website.

With respect to you and your business,
“DelCar Co., Ltd”

Our business principles are:

- to fulfill all the obligations for our clients and partners;
- to deliver high-quality services;
- to make our work clear and coordinated;
- to resolve issues quickly;
- to develop innovations and advanced ideas;
- to teach our staff;
- to take care of our staff;
- to be a responsible for the decisions taken.

Trade and Logistic Company

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Cartage is the quickest and most convenient type of logistics at relatively small distances.

“DelCar Co., Ltd” makes business in the cartage since 2007. All company trucks are equipped with special communication devices: short-wave stations and GPS-transmitters. This equipment allows to monitor current position of trucks and cargo any time of the day. If you know the size and payload capacity of the truck you need, please send us a request via form in the upper right corner of the screen. If you order transportation for the first time, our logistic experts will be happy to choose the right truck for you. Please make a phone call or send us email specified at the Contact page. We also have the refrigerator trucks designed to carry special loads in the temperature from -20 to +20 degrees Celsius. This could be, for example: the frozen meat, fish or ice cream in the summer; juices or light-alcoholic beverages in the winter; sausage goods and dairy products at any season.

Inner capacity of our refrigerator vary from 15 to 100 cubic meters and payload capacity vary from 7 to 30 tons.

Trade and Logistic Company

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Container Shipping

by Railroad and Sea


Container transportation is very popular service in Vladivostok because of its highly-developed infrastructure and excellent location. Vladivostok is the largest Russian seaport at the coast of Sea of Japan and is terminal point of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The content of the container may be protected not only with the lock but also sealed. It is possible to transport any type of load (bulk cargo, liquids, perishable, oversized, out of profile and so on).

“DelCar Co., Ltd” make container shipments all over Far East and Russia for many years. We can deliver goods to any place in Russia and also to China, South Korea and USA. The freight transportations from Moscow and Novosibirsk to Vladivostok, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi and Sakhalin Island are also very popular service (the shipping delivers with accelerated trains and bulking).

The advantages of choosing us as a transporter:
- affordable price, which may pleasantly surprise you,
- VAT is included in our rates,
- we may allow the delay of payment.

We provide the services at the highest level! We use sophisticates computer programs to monitor the specific position of any container at any time.

Trade and Logistic Company

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Low-Roader Transportation

The advantages of transporting out of profile loads by the low-roader are as followed: low-loading trailer has no sides and have a colossal payload capacity. Thank to these to advantages low-roader may transport any out of profile load, including the cargo with footprint bigger than the trailer base side. Our company will organize the full cycle of low-roader logistic for the out of profile cargo.
We load it up, fix it, make shippimg tickets and excort.


Trade and Logistic Company

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Railway freight logistic

Choosing a company for railway transportation you should follow certain rules. The potential contractor must have an experience in railway logistic of oversized and heavy cargo (machinery, tractors, bulldozers, power equipment, metalware, mining machinery, metal and wood processing machines, gas and oil equipment).

Our company has the experience of transportation of all above-listed cargo. So you may surely entrust your equipment to us. We use versatile platforms, flatcars, open wagons, all-metal wagons. Choosing the kind of rail wagon, we consider all cargo parameters: weight, size, the susceptibility to atmospheric percipitations, presence of fixing elements, and also destination point, capability for unload out of profile of heavy cargo at the station.

All rain transportation take place only if the Scheme of cargo fixing, designed by “DelCar Co., Ltd” and coordinated with “Russian Railroads” joint-stock company.
We deliver cargo to the loading yard by our own transport, so our transportation process is well-organized.

Our crew of professional handlers will make loading securely and neatly and fix it on the rail wagon. All detachable parts and elements will be disassembled and packed carefully. All glass surfaces (windows, hatches and so on) are covered for keeping it safe.


Trade and Logistic Company

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Railway cargo transportation

In the conditions of emerging market, rail transportation gains an outstanding importance. Freight railway transportation plays almost crucial role in economy of Russia. Effective work of railway transport companies defines progress or issues of metallurgy, coal, oil industries, landowners, representatives of many other Russian economy divisions and abroad partners.

Strategic positions of Russia in the world markets depend on how fast and competitive will be rail transportation, because it provides an access to affordable and quality goods for the foreign partners.

Our company resolves operational need of consignors and consignees for the necessary number of the rolling stock. We form cargo trains for loose loads, and we can also provide the car at any station of the Russian Federation. We work directly with railway stations, river and seaports. We have long-term contractual relations with owners of the rolling stock. These achievements allows us to resolve any arising issues quickly. Our experience and knowledge are the guarantee of your success!

Trade and Logistic Company

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Sea shipping is one of the very first ways of transporting goods and people and it hadn’t lose the key role. The ships (its construction, of course, had made a great progress) now are the only type of ancient logistic, that continue to work on maritime and river routes all over the world.

Freight and passenger shipping has 90% of all volume of international transportation. More than half of the states have access to sea and therefore seaport infrastructure. Russian Federation is in that number.

The Register of seaports of Russia includes 67 ports located at the coast of 12 seas of three oceans and also the Caspian Sea. The leading role of the marine transport of Russia consists in implementation of export-import freight shipping, to provide cabotage in.

The advantageous geographical location of our company helps to resolve the issues connected with export/import of the loads passing through seaports of Primorsky Region: Vladivostok port, Vostochnyi port, Nakhodka port, Zarubino port, Olga port, Posyet port.

Our pool of contacts with shipowners allows to receive Commercial Offers on sea freight from several companies at one time. So our client always has a choice of vessels that can ship the freight, of the specific prices and terms.


Trade and Logistic Company

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“DelCar Co., Ltd” is the sophisticated logistic company with its own park of trucks. It allows us to transport a cargo to the consignee with the right speed and in the right time and also to save means of our client!

Phone No: +7(423)226-45-49
Post Address: ap.3, 82, Nekrasovskaya Str., Vladivostok, Russian Federation, 690014

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