The customs terminal of DelCar LLC is a warehouse facility including a temporary storage warehouse and a bonded warehouse.

The warehouse facilities of the DELCAR LLC Customs Terminal include both open areas for storage of large-sized freight, special equipment, containers, and well-equipped warehouses, which allow carrying out any operations with goods quickly, efficiently, excluding any damage thereto.

Also, our company, as a customs representative, will carry out customs declaration of your goods, and after the customs decision on its release, will organize its shipment to your warehouse by any mode of transport.
Thus, while addressing our company, you will be able to get the full range of logistics services: transportation, warehousing, customs clearance.

All these services will be provided by one company in a single window mode. You will only need to contact your personal manager, and we will handle the rest. An important advantage of cooperation with our company is a flexible tariff policy. 
We can offer you extremely favorable terms of logistics, as we have in our hands all the tools to carry out the necessary operations and do not use the services of third parties in the organization of transportation of your goods during their temporary storage and customs clearance. The total area of temporary storage and bonded warehouses is 17000 m2 including 1500 m2 of warm storage, 10000 m2 area for open type of storage. The warehouse is equipped with a truck weigh bridge with load-carrying capacity of 200 tons, allowing to weigh the goods together with vehicles up to 24 meters long.
Temporary storage warehouse services:
  • The temporary storage warehouse is used by importers when importing goods into the customs territory for their temporary storage for the period of their declaration, customs control and until their release under the selected customs procedure.
  • Temporary storage itself, in terms of customs legislation, is a customs operation.
  • The period of temporary storage is 4 months without the possibility of extension.
  • During temporary storage it is possible to carry out such operations with goods as their inspection, weighing, and other operations necessary for their safety.
  • Operations to repair the damaged packaging, operations necessary for the preparation of goods for subsequent transportation are available upon permission of the customs authority.
Bonded storage service:
  • This is a customs procedure under which foreign goods are stored in a bonded warehouse without payment of import customs duties, taxes, special, anti-dumping and compensation duties.
  • Their shelf life is up to three years.
  • In addition to the usual operations to ensure the safety of goods, their owner, with the permission of the customs authority, may prepare goods for sale and transportation, take samples and samples, sort, repackage, split lots, etc.
  • During bonded storage, it is allowed to mark them both with the mandatory marking of control and identification signs (CIS) "Honest Mark", as well as EAU circulation marking and other markings in accordance with technical regulations.
Goods placed under the bonded warehouse procedure, unlike storage in a temporary storage warehouse, can be disposed of, that is, one can carry out transactions for their sale.
The obligation to pay customs duties in this case passes to the new owners. We carry out any services in the field of customs control:
  • Weighing
  • Customs inspection/examination, sampling
  • Phytosanitary control
Our warehouse can be used for the operations of consolidation, re-consolidation, packaging, repackaging, marking of freight (including with control and identification signs (CIS) "Honest Mark"), other operations necessary for its shipment and transportation.