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About us

DelCar LLC was founded in 2007. We are entrusted by factories producing soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, mining and metallurgical companies and coal mines, manufacturers of machinery and power equipment. This is a great sign of trust for us.

Our company cooperates with customers and partners of different levels and status.

In the offered services and calculations, we rely on the experience and knowledge gained over the years of work.
A positive and recommendatory review of our work is one of the main tasks for the team of DelKar LLC.

We will be happy to answer your questions!
On the company's website you can find services and comments on them.

With respect to you and your affairs!
The staff of DelCar LLC

Why us?

Here are our strengths that make us the best


Honesty and Quality

We fulfill our obligations to partners and provide customers with quality services.


Time is Money

All issues related to the transportation process are resolved clearly and quickly.


We are a team of professionals

DelCar is a company that develops the most advanced and innovative ideas among our employees and partners.

Customs clearance

We arrange cargo in the shortest possible time. Upon completion of the procedures, we provide a complete package of documents required for financial and accounting.

DelСar LLC organizes for you:
- Сompany provides a service for paying customs duties for a client.
- Delivery of your goods under our or your contract.
- Classification of goods according to the Foreign Trade Goods Classification of the Customs Union.
- Selection and analysis of a set of necessary documents for customs clearance.
- Organization and conduct of customs inspection.
- Justification for the confirmation of the declared customs value of the goods.
- Representation of interests of the partner in customs authorities.
- Optimization of customs payments.
- Work with goods in all customs regimes.
- Verification of measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation.
- Obtaining preliminary classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service.

Obtaining permits

During the process of customs clearance of goods, it often becomes necessary to obtain permits for cargo, such as: certificate of conformity, certificate of state registration, declaration of conformity, conclusion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for cargo. LLC DelCar offers a full range of services for registration of permits:
- Certificates of Conformity
- Declarations of Conformity
- Certificate of state registration
- Documents for goods that do not have to be certified
- Fire safety certificates

Purchase, transport, clear and deliver to the door

We will tell you mainly about at first connection

Contact us, discuss the details

Of the many we choose the best

We select the best supplier, enter into a foreign trade contract

Take on an organizational routine

We redeem the goods from the manufacturer / supplier, carry out the declaration of the goods

We carry out international transportation

We deliver the goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the port, load the goods onto the ship, pay the freight, unload the goods at the port of destination, place them at the TSW

Customs declaration, cargo clearance

We pay the necessary duties / taxes, obtain permits, carry out customs clearance, perform all necessary procedures

Delivery to the buyer's door

After customs clearance, we promptly deliver the goods to the buyer's warehouse


Trucking is the most convenient and fastest mode of transportation over relatively short distances. In our company you can order transportation of cars of any carrying capacity - from a ton to 30 tons, both vans and refrigerated trucks, dump trucks, airborne vehicles, thermoses and much more.

The DelCar company has been operating in the road transportation market since 2007. All of the company's vehicles are equipped with special means of communication: shortwave radio stations and GPS transmitters. The presence of this equipment allows you to control the location of vehicles, and therefore the cargo - at any time.
If you know the car with what internal dimensions and what carrying capacity you need, then just send a request in the upper right corner.
If you are sending cargo for the first time, then our experts will help you choose the right vehicle. Just call the specified contacts or send an email.

Container Shipping

Container shipping from our city is very popular, given the developed infrastructure and the favorable location of Vladivostok. This is the largest port of the Russian Federation on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, which is the end point of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The contents of the container can be protected not only by the lock, but also by a special seal. Transportation of goods of any kind is possible (bulk, liquid, perishable, oversized and bulky, etc.).

DelCar LLC has been successfully engaged in container transportation for the Far East and all of Russia for many years. It is possible to deliver goods to anywhere in Russia, as well as to China, Korea and the United States. Container delivery from Moscow and Novosibirsk to Vladivostok, Magadan, Sakhalin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is also popular (transportation takes place as part of accelerated trains, with transshipment).

Advantages of working with us:
- Affordable prices that will pleasantly surprise you
- Rates include VAT
- We provide a deferred payment
For our customers we provide service at the highest level. In our work, we use modern software that allows you to track the exact location of containers along the route at any time.

Railway container transportation

DelCar company provides domestic and international container railway transportation. You have the opportunity to order container railway transportation on the most favorable conditions. You can transport goods of any volume by rail in the shortest terms.

We offer our customers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. We have a flexible pricing policy, so you can always choose the acceptable cost of container shipping.

Especially for you, our managers will develop the optimal route for the railway. You can carry out container rail transportation of any tonnage. We will make a preliminary calculation of rates, and you can choose an acceptable cost. We also provide services for the loading and unloading of goods and provide reliable protection of goods.

Surface container 

One of the most popular transportation services is container shipping. And there are several reasons for this. They have a number of significant advantages:

1. Low cost of transportation over long distances.
2. Cargo safety all the way.
3. The ability to regularly send in small batches.

Our company carries out forwarding of containers along the entire route. We are always aware of where our goods are and when they will reach their destination. We make sure that the terms and conditions of transportation are observed, as well as safety.

Our partners are the largest shipping companies:

Maersk        CMACGM        China Shipping        PIL         NYK         OOCL 
        YangMingLine        MSC        EVERGREEN        Fesco

Acceptance of goods by the Buyer / Customer is made directly at own warehouse.

Railway transportation

Our company provides the operational need of shippers and consignees in the right amount of rolling stock. We form freight trains for bulk cargo, and we can also provide a wagon, a platform that a customer needs, a platform at any station in the Russian Federation. We work directly with railway stations, river and sea ports. We have long-term contractual relations with owners of rolling stock. All this allows you to quickly resolve any emerging issues directly with the participants of the transportation.

Our experience and knowledge is a guarantee of your success.

Surface shipping

Transportation of goods by sea and passenger transportation by ships is 90% of the total volume of international traffic. More than half of the world's states have access to the sea with equipped ports. The Russian Federation is no exception.

The registry of Russian seaports includes 67 ports, which are included in five sea basins and are located on the shores of 12 seas of three oceans and the Caspian Sea. The main role of Russian sea transport is to export-import cargo transportation, to provide small and large cabotage.

The favorable geographical position of our company helps to quickly resolve issues related to the export / import of goods passing through the seaports of Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories: Vanino port, Vladivostok port, Vostochny port.

The accumulated base of shipowners allows you to receive commercial offers on sea freight from several companies. The client always has a choice on which ship to deliver his cargo, at what price and in what time frame.

Low-roader transportation

The following advantages of low loaders over other types of trailers and semi-trailers are important for transporting oversized cargoes by road: firstly, low loaders have no bounding boards, and secondly, low loaders have enormous load capacities. Thanks to these two advantages, the vehicle can easily accept and carry almost any oversized cargo, including goods whose dimensions exceed the area of ​​the lowest loader platform.

Our company will undertake the organization of the entire cycle of road transportation of oversized cargo.


Oversized cargo transportation by rail

When choosing a company to which you plan to entrust rail transportation, you should be guided by some specific rules. The company should have experience in railway transportation of oversized as well as heavy loads (special equipment, tractors, bulldozers, metal structures, transformers and other power equipment, mining equipment, metal and wood processing machines, equipment for oil and gas production).

When selecting railway wagons, we take into account all cargo parameters: cargo weight, cargo geometrical dimensions, destination station, the possibility of unloading heavy and oversized cargo at the destination, the exposure of the cargo to precipitation, the presence / absence of mounting fasteners on the cargo.

All rail transportation of goods is carried out only if there is a cargo securing scheme for vehicles and vehicles developed and agreed by DelCar LLC with Russian Railways.

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